Coin Bags Plastic Bags

Plastic coin bags are ideal for packing sorted coins. Securepac’s coin bags are made from heavy duty LLDPE films that are highly stretchable for increased flexibility, yet tough enough to withstand attacks. Seams are welded to a 3mm width to avoid accidental breakage during handling. We offer two distinct types of coin bags:

  1. Coin bag with permanent self-adhesive closure at the top of the bag. Simply fill the bag up and remove the liner to expose the adhesive, and then press firmly to seal the bag.
  2. Coin bag without closure. This bag needs to be sealed with a heat welder once it is filled with coins. This is a more economical option.

Securepac’s standard coin bag size is 11” (W) x 18” (H) x 0.18mm. Fully customized bags with specific size, thickness, prints, serial numbers, bar codes and security closures are also available.