Packing Tapes Packing Products

Packing tapes from Securepac is made of biaxial oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) as backing material and coated with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive of high viscosity. They are best suited for heavy-duty carton sealing, industrial packaging, and product bundling. Not only are they waterproof and UV light-resistant, they also work well in low to high temperature ranges.

Their lightweight properties enable strong, instant, consistent, and permanent bonding on all applications. They work well with both manual and fully automated packaging and sealing machines.

Our packing tapes’ non-toxic nature makes them the superior choice for health- and environment-conscious companies.

Our packing tapes come in two different lengths; 120 rolls of 48mm (W) X 50M (L) tape per box and 90 rolls of 48mm (W) X 90M (L) tape per box. The base of our packing tapes is available in transparent, brown and white. Custom prints and colors are available as optional extras.